The Peaceful Pacesetters Leading Light (PPLL) of Tai Solarin College of Education condemn with great impunity and perfect hatred, the enlongated clampdown of the college dues to the political sentiments, mismanagement, ineptitude and political brouhaha of the previous administration led by Sen Ibikunle Amosun. This odious action has led the once forest of book into forest of tress.

Let us first congratulate you on your success as the governor of the ‘Gateway State’. Indeed, it was a tussle between the physical and the supernatural- one who was destined to lead the good people of Ogun state to the promise land and one who by some profane and carnal means wanted to siphoned the people’s hope in a choiceless option between the devil and the deep blue sea. We saw the contest, we recognized God’s soverienty, we saw humility, we saw defiance, we saw resilience, gratefully, we saw the victory and above all, we return all the praises to God.

Let it be made know here, that the primary goal of the government in a democracy is ‘Welfarism’. This is the bedrock upon which success is accounted and no government or state can succeed without ensured welfare scheme for her human resources: her state manpower. This is the basis for existential government operation and this cuts accross every sphere, parastatals and sector of the state’s economy, including education. Let it be made clear again, that no state can succeed above the level of her education, which makes the education in the gateway state a pivotal arm of the sectors to redefine and reshape.

We shall again recognize and applaud your bold step towards the overhauling of education in our dear state after your swearing-in. It is indeed a great step toward the rehabilitation of the educational system in our dear state and making it (education) your priority is again, laudable. We also see this as a modicum signal that you value education and as such, you want to be associated and surrounded by learned people not mediocre, which makes us see you as one of us. We are indeed delighted and we want to say thank you for such a magnanimous action taken.

Not to beat about the bush, we might as well sojourn on the deteriorating state of our education system and structure of our dear state but ink may fail us because the level of her lacuna is ridiculous. Sir, it is nothing to write home about. It isn’t something we are proud of. Looking at the previous WEAC result released, it is glaring that our education system is in a state of comatose. It was review from statistics that Ogun state came 18th position performing little above the Northerners with a margin of about 6 points. This is pathetic! Not only that, our institution is dilapidated; from colleges of education, monotechnics, polytechnics and universities are all in shambles and disarray: TASCE, TASUED, OSCOTECH, FUNAAB, MAPOLY et al are disgusting.

Let me quickly draw your attention to the state of affairs in the mother of all institutions in Ogun State – Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu- Ijebu that was divorced from Ijagun by the then government, Otunba Gbenga Daniel in 2008 to his maternal home. Sir, ever since then it is been from fire to fry pan as the number of demise recorded among staff members because of poor welfarism could amount to the number of students admitted in a year. This is horrible, inhumane and to say the least barbaric. We must also commend the relentless efforts of our lecturers in all the departments, their fatherly love and consideration regardless of the horrific and deliberate harsh situation, they showed us love by continuing delivering their best to humanity. We owe them alot! This is indeed commitment and sincere call to service. We recognize and must also appreciate the staff union- COSTA led by Comr. Aborisade Daniel and his executives for lending their voices at such at time as this. History will never forget them.

We must at this juncture state our plight that we are indeed displeased and tired of staying out of school. We want to return to school, study and be relevant in life. We beseech that you fulfill the PACT signed with the deprived, neglected and thirsty lecturers of Tai Solarin College of Education so that schools can resume proper: lecturers return to work and students get back to study cum other academic activities. It may interest you to know that the school as been shutdown for about (8) eight months, leaving students wandering and many helpless. In fact, many already gave up on their studentship and opted for JAMB. This is indeed bad news for us.

We therefore call for immediate attention. Let this stand for the purpose of history. The movement is resolute, ideological, forceful and force-full. Hence, we’ll not take anything for granted. We might be forced to re-register our plight on the streets if nothing is done soonest on June 12, 2019. Let it not be said that we have started or we are been sponsored.

We hope to receiving favourable response and our plights attended to with ultimate regard.


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